Wednesday 2 September 2015

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Why You Should Move to Rails 5

Every one of us is waiting for a new and clean release of Rails 5 , which not only accepts the SPA(Single Page Application) Implementation easily but also has enhanced the performance and structure of thr most popular Rails frame work.

The release of Rails 5 is supposed to be fall on summer/fall of 2015.

Lets discuss the rich changes/implementation of Rails 5.


SPA is on rise, while developing a Single page application we rails developers faced a lot of issues, the routing was lacked and there were several security vulnerabilities that we had to handle.

In Rails 5, the rails-api Gem will be merged into core allowing the use of Rails as Simple JSON API. Which ease building API using Javascript Library.


In Rails 5 all the current rake commands will be accessible via the rails command.
When you want to run a migration, you will type rake db:migrate in Rails 4. In Rails 5 this will become railsdb:migrate.
The reason for this change is that currently it's not very logical which command has to go through rake and which command should go through rails. When you're working with rails for a longer time it becomes second nature, but only because you remember it.
For a newcomer, this is a big problem and makes learning rails confusing.
See this issue on GitHub for more details .


You can now restart all of your apps with the command rake restart.
See this Pull Request for more details .


In Rails 5, the test helpers assigns() and assert_template() will be deprecated. Its because testing instance variable and what template is being called smells bad. These are internals of controller and controller tests should not care about what vars I set.
Controllers test are concerned about HTTP,Cookies, Renders, Redirects and so on.
More Details can be found here .


Rails will only support Ruby 2.2.1 and up. Since it wants to be able to leverage all the speed improvements in the newer ruby versions. They skipped version 2.2.0 since it has a segfault bug source.


For the folks who don’t like to meddle around with JS, Turbolinks offers an instantaneous performance boost, and allows you to retain most of your page and selectively update certain regions through partials. This is very similar to how SPA’s work, and you can choose to do all this from the server.


Many projects these days use WebSockets to push live updates to the client. While most client browsers(IE > 9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) have started to support this, we still need a robust client on the server to manage the subscribers and send an update signal appropriately. This feature is available out of the box in some of the newer frameworks, like Phoenix for Erlang. However, the Rails community had to resort to third party implementations, like Pushr, to get this working.

Rails traditionally offers all the tools that one needs to build a great app out of the box. That’s one reason why it is so popular, especially among the startup community. The lack of WebSocket support was a reason for major discontent among the community. It looks like the Rails core team took note of this and came up with Action Cable.

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