Thursday, 21 May 2015

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Top 20 ROR Interview Questions

Some of the most important questions asked in Barclays India And TCS for Ruby On Rails Developer Position , but these questions can be asked in any company which is recruiting ROR developers .

• What are Modules in Apache?

• How does HTTP work, and specifically how does a web page appear in my browser?

• How to link your public directory to apache conf to serve assets ?

• How would you assess how “deployable” a software system is?

• What is Tracebility Matrix ?

• What is Resident memory in Ruby ?

• How New Relic works on different components of rails ?

• What are components of Puppet ?

• What is the difference between Puppet. Vagrant and Docker

• How to Load balance servers using Ruby Modules ?

• What is LDAP & AD how to configure them ?

• What is DML, DCL, DDL in SQL ?

• How to Replicate a NoSQL DB ?

• What is Kernel Programming in ruby how to bind and unbind Context in ruby?

• Write a Nagios Plugin in ruby which returns the health on mysql ?

• What is Database Sharding ?

• Which backup is Good when it comes to backing up database and why ?(Hint: Incremental or Differential)

• How would you monitor your Rails Application Performance ?

• What are the Different deployment tools(Automation) available in ruby ?

• What is MVVM in Javascript ?

Post Comments And Suggestions And Answers if you know them .

Thanks Amit for compiling this list .