Monday 30 March 2015

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How to install CasperJS on windows

CasperJs is a javascript library written for phantomjs which is a headless browser . To install casperjs in windows , first you need to download phantomjs and set its exe file path in you path environment variable . after that download casperjs for windows , and set its batchbin directory path in your path enviornment variable .

You can check your installation by typing phantomjs and casperjs on your command windows . If you do not get 'Unrecognized command error ' then it means your installation is successful .

Now you might get following error if you try to run some javascript in casperjs .
Couldn't find nor compute phantom.casperPath, exiting.
To resolve this error , you need to insert following lines in bootsrap.js in your bin directory of casperjs .
var system = require('system');
var argsdeprecated = system.args;
phantom.args = argsdeprecated;
Now , try to run again , and you will not see this error .


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