Thursday 30 October 2014

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How to Upload Images to DropBox In Java

This Tutorial explains how to upload images to drop box and get the public url of uploaded image .
First of all we have to create a DropBox API app using app console. Once you create the app , you can get App key and secret key in the app properties .

Now add following dependency in your pom file .
Now this java program will do the rest . Replace your app ket and secret key in program . Run this java program from command line and it will ask for the code , you will get the code by following the url printed on the console.

For getting the public url , we just need to use createShareableUrl of the dropboxClient class.
import java.util.Locale;

import com.dropbox.core.DbxAppInfo;
import com.dropbox.core.DbxAuthFinish;
import com.dropbox.core.DbxClient;
import com.dropbox.core.DbxEntry;
import com.dropbox.core.DbxException;
import com.dropbox.core.DbxRequestConfig;
import com.dropbox.core.DbxWebAuthNoRedirect;
import com.dropbox.core.DbxWriteMode;

public class UploadImages
 public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException, DbxException
  final String DROP_BOX_APP_KEY = "APPKEY";
        final String DROP_BOX_APP_SECRET = "SECRETKEY";
        String rootDir = "C:\\Users\\Downloads\\";

        DbxAppInfo dbxAppInfo = new DbxAppInfo(DROP_BOX_APP_KEY, DROP_BOX_APP_SECRET);

        DbxRequestConfig reqConfig = new DbxRequestConfig("javarootsDropbox/1.0",
        DbxWebAuthNoRedirect webAuth = new DbxWebAuthNoRedirect(reqConfig, dbxAppInfo);

        String authorizeUrl = webAuth.start();
        System.out.println("1. Go to this URL : " + authorizeUrl);
        System.out.println("2. Click \"Allow\" (you might have to log in first)");
        System.out.println("3. Copy the authorization code and paste here ");
        String code = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;

        DbxAuthFinish authFinish = webAuth.finish(code);
        String accessToken = authFinish.accessToken;

        DbxClient client = new DbxClient(reqConfig, accessToken);

        System.out.println("account name is : " + client.getAccountInfo().displayName);

        File inputFile = new File(rootDir +"images\\"+ "javaroots.jpg");
        FileInputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream(inputFile);
        try {
            DbxEntry.File uploadedFile = client.uploadFile("/javaroots.jpg",
                DbxWriteMode.add(), inputFile.length(), inputStream);
            String sharedUrl = client.createShareableUrl("/javaroots.jpg");
            System.out.println("Uploaded: " + uploadedFile.toString() + " URL " + sharedUrl);
        } finally {
Take reference from the this official drop box link.

You can download the full project from this link . Post Comments and Suggestions !!