Thursday 12 June 2014

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Git : How to add commit in between old commits

I have a Git repository and need to rewrite my local history by inserting a new commit in between old commits.

More specifically my sitatution is like this:
and I wanted to come up with something like this:
Where SA is my new commit i.e to be inserted b/w commit BC & CD.

Well, it isn’t actually an extreme or difficult case.It’s actually a very simple procedure to follow:
$ git checkout master
$ git checkout -b temp BC 
$ git add
$ git commit # your changes that will be SA
Now your Repo will look like this :
  AB—BC—SA  temp
After this repository layout it’s rather simple to transform it into a single sequence of commits:
 $ git rebase temp master
You may get few conflicts that you need to resolve .

  Now you are all Done !!!


You will notice that your SHA keys are modified and tag doesn't appear above commit BC to make sure your tags are in line follow the steps:
 $ git tag -l #to list all your tags.
For each tag type the following command,
 $ git show TAG_NAME
to see the details of the old commit.

Make note of the subject line, date, and hash of the old commit.
Page through git log looking for that subject line and date. Make note of the hash of the new commit when you find it.
 $ git tag --force TAG_NAME NEW_COMMIT_HASH #to update the tag.
Hope that you have not mistaken one commit for another with a similar subject line and date.

Thanks to Santosh Mohanty for writing this post .

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