Tuesday 18 March 2014

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How To Fix IE 8 Warning For HTTPS Connections

When Your web application is running on HTTPS then you might get an annoying warning like this in Internet Explorer . Internet Explorer will give you warning like this :

Do You Want to view Only the webpage content that was delivered securly ?

This webpage contains contents that will not be delivered using a secured HTTPS connection , which could compromise the security of entire web page.

This warning occur because one or more resources in your web page are accessed via HTTP protocol while the parent page is loaded through HTTPS . The resource may be a image , js , css or anything .

This warning may be removed by doing some setting in internet explorer , but that is not a good solution because you don't expect your client to do that job .

The other option is , to make every resource in your web page to be accessed via HTTPS only . To know which resources of your web pages are accessed via HTTP , you need to install a HTTPWATCH tool .

This tool will give you all the information about the resources getting loaded . From this you can find out what all resources are getting loaded via HTTP , and then you can fix these resources .

Update : This error can also occur if the web page script calls removeChild on a div which references a background image
You can read more about this on this security warning in Internet Explorer. This error occurs on IE 6 , IE 7 and earlier versions of IE 8 .

You can refer to this link to fix this error when using JQuery MsgBOX. Post Comments And Suggestions !!