Wednesday 22 May 2013

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Online Http Client : A tool to execute GET ,PUT, POST , DELETE Request

This Post is regarding An Online Tool to execute Get, Post , Put , Delete request over internet.

Every time we create a web service with put method , we have to write a client in java or any other language to test the service . This tool provide the same functionality over internet without writing the client code.

Similarly when we test Post method , we have to create a html form to post data , still we have to find the way to see the headers which are returned by the server

This tool also shows the request and response headers along with response as string and status code returned by the server.

So now we can create GET/POST/PUT/DELETE request easily , and analyze the status code , response headers returned by server.

  1. Sends request Online
  2. Shows Status Code returned by server
  3. Support Chunked transfer Encoding to display response
  4. Shows Response Headers
  5. Shows Request Line being sent along with request headers
  6. Nice and Clean UI
  7. Supports GET , POST , PUT and DELETE Methods
  8. Supports Keep Alive Connections
  9. Follows Redirects
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