Monday, 17 November 2014

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How to Use ActiveMQ in Rails App

Active MQ is one of the most popular messaging server . In this post we will list out the steps on how to use it in rails application.

Installation ActiveMQ procedure for Ubuntu 14.04

Download ActiveMQ 5.4.2 from or you can install it from console by writing following command .
sudo apt-get install activemq
Now start the server by writing following command :
$ ./activemq start
Now , for connecting activeMQ server , we can use Stomp Gem .

So for sending message , open IRB prompt and write following command :
$ irb req1.9.3-p362 :001 > require "stomp"=> true 
1.9.3-p362 :002 > client ="admin", "admin", "localhost", 61613)
You might get error like this :
Errno::ECONNREFUSED: Connection refused - connect(2)
 from /home/usermac44/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p362/gems/stomp-1.3.3/lib/connection/netio.rb:203:in `initialize'
We have to configure stomp protocol on our activemq server like this : Add the following line to the configuration file:
    <transportConnector name="stomp" uri="stomp://;wireformat.maxFrameSize=104857600"/>
Now restart activemq , initiate the client and send message like this :
client ="admin", "admin", "localhost", 61613)
 => #"0,0", 
"session"=>"ID:ACSMAC05-63136-1415951184416-2:1", "server"=>"ActiveMQ/5.8.0", "version"=>"1.0"} ......#>

client.publish {|msg|  puts msg }
It will work now . You can see the active mq console at http://localhost:8161/admin .

Thanks to santosh for writing this post .